Anti-Depressants Delay Rate of Bone Growth

April 08, 2016

A new study has identified the use of anti-depressants as a potential factor affecting implant success rates by effecting the rate of bone growth. While patients can be spoken to and reasoned with, someone who needs to be on anti-depressants should not simply stop using them.  Heavy smokers who should stop may promise to cut back but be unable to follow through. Clinicians can manage these risk factors by choosing procedures and products accordingly. OSSIX PLUS is a stable barrier acting to direct bone growth, not just for weeks but for months after placement. It will continue to excel when secondary exposure occurs, when primary exposure is unable to be achieved, and, if bone growth is slowed by the use of anti-depressants. OSSIX PLUS will remain as long as needed before finally ossifying. OSSIX PLUS is strong and reliable as a barrier, so that you may achieve predictable bone growth results.  Consider using OSSIX PLUS today so that you may better manage these high-risk regenerative cases.



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