Is Fibrin an obstacle to bone regeneration?

June 02, 2016

Hesira Med is dedicated with being well informed with all research being conducted into the bone healing process.  An intriguing article regarding this topic was recently conducted by Vanderbilt University. This article used mice that were deficient in the gene for fibrin production to study healing rates in fractures. To their surprise they found that fibrin was not essential to bone repair, mice deficient in fibrin were still able to repair bone at a normal rate. Furthermore they found that mice who were unable to perform fibrinolysis had impaired vascularization through out the fracture, and difficulty in regenerating bone. This indicates that rather than being essential for bone regeneration, fibrin is an obstacle. While a great deal of research is still needed to verify the validity of these studies, if true, this is an impressive new finding which could change the way we view bone regeneration.



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