September 27, 2015

OSSIX PLUS is in Canada for the first time in almost a decade.  OSSIX PLUS is a sugar cross-linked, resorbable collagen dental membrane that is manufactured in Israel. It is Health Canada and FDA cleared for use.  The GLYMATRIX™ technology of the OSSIX PLUS is a proprietary collagen cross-linking technology that represents a novel design of collagen based bio-matrices.  It offers the ability to specifically engineer biomaterial implants with long-lasting effects, enhanced stability and properties similar to those of natural collagen found in the body.  OSSIX PLUS maintains barrier functionality for 4-6 months and provides sufficient time for osseous defects to achieve optimal bone regeneration.  It is porcine derived and has 3-5 weeks resistance to degradation when exposed. It has excellent handling properties, adapts and conforms to defects with ease.  Hesira Med is thrilled to have brought back OSSIX PLUS to Canada as it had been sought after by many clinicians.  




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