American Academy of Periodontology 101st Annual Meeting

November 14, 2015

Dr. Rodrigo Neiva presented at the AAP in Orlando, Florida today on Guided Bone Regeneration Techniques for Treatment of Peri-Implant Bone Loss in Cases with Primary and Secondary.  He presented how non soft tissue isolation leads to connective tissue and that soft tissue isolation leads to true bone formation.  Successful bone augmentation with short lasting bone material (allograft) requires a long lasting barrier membrane.  He said that 'the only way to get away with using a short lasting membrane is by using a long lasting bone material'.  He believes that the goal today for GBR is to have better quality bone.  He mentioned that due to the fact that the OSSIX PLUS resorbable collagen membrane is long lasting and highly biocompatible that it can ossify.  He presented studies which included:  Zubery, Nir, Goldlust Ossification of a Collagen Membrane Cross-Linked by Sugar: A Human Case Series J Periodontal - June 2008. 


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