OSSIX® VOLUMAX now available for use within Canada

January 04, 2017

Hesira Med is excited to start the new year off by announcing that OSSIX® VOLUMAX has received licensing from Health Canada and is now available for use by Canadian clinicians. This is the newest product to be added to the OSSIX® line of dental regenerative materials.

OSSIX® VOLUMAX is a new and unique 3L (three layer) scaffold that was developed using patented GLYMATRIX™ technology which allows for exceptional biocompatibility by using ribose (a natural sugar) cross-link. The multi-layer scaffold allows for osteoblast penetration and studies have demonstrated that it will mineralize progressing into ossification (cell mediated remolding into bone).  Since the thickness of the scaffold is 1-2mm, an ideal indication for OSSIX® VOLUMAX is to place it on the buccal wall in order to achieve additional bone volume. 

There are dozens of on-going OSSIX® VOLUMAX research studies. At the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Periodontology and the 25th Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration data was presented demonstrating that both OSSIX® PLUS the resorbable collagen membrane and OSSIX® VOLUMAX outperformed the controlled cases.  OSSIX® VOLUMAX had higher instances of ossification at 24 weeks than OSSIX® PLUS.

Reference: Alveolar Ridge Augmentation and Ossification of Thick vs. Thin Sugar Cross-Linked Collagen Membranes in a Canine L-shape Defect Model. 


These pictures taken from the study show the movement of new bone (arrows) into the OSSIX® VOLUMAX and by 24 weeks the ossification of the OSSIX® VOLUMAX is almost complete. The study concludes that this new scaffold has the potential to augment thin tissue around implants, aesthetic deficiencies, and correct residual dehiscence after regenerative procedures. It can be used in direct contact with native bone or with bone grafting materials such as our competitively priced OSSIX™ GRAFT an allograft bone particulate. 

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