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OSSIX® VOLUMAX now available for use within Canada

January 04, 2017

Hesira Med is excited to start the new year off by announcing that OSSIX® VOLUMAX has received licensing from Health Canada and is now available for use by Canadian clinicians. This is the newest product to be added to the OSSIX® line of dental regenerative materials. OSSIX® VOLUMAX is a new and unique 3L (three layer) scaffold that was developed using patented GLYMATRIX™ technology which allows for exceptional biocompatibility by using ribose (a natural sugar) cross-link. The multi-layer scaffold allows for osteoblast penetration and studies have demonstrated that it will mineralize progressing into ossification (cell mediated remolding into bone).  Since the thickness of the scaffold is 1-2mm, an ideal indication for OSSIX® VOLUMAX is to place it on the buccal wall in order to achieve additional...

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