Basic Tunneling Kit, 5 Instruments with Cassette

Set of 5 Basic Tunneling Instrument Kit & includes:

Instrument                                           Description
TUN0001 Maxillary Tunneling Instrument #1, 2mm/2.6mm, Magenta Bionik Handle
TUN0002 Mandibular Tunneling Instrument #2, 2mm/2.6mm, Green Bionik Handle
TUN0012 Combination Tunneling Instrument #3, 2mm/2mm, Blue Bionik Handle
PEL0643 Mini Buser Periosteal Elevator #643, 2.8mm/2.4mm, 17cm 
HDL0509 Micro Scalpel Blade Handle #509, 13.5cm

Stainless Steel Cassette 


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