BioXclude® membrane 12+4 (code: GB12+4) & 4+1 (GB4+1), Karl Schumacher instruments 5+2 (KS5+2)

BioXclude® membrane 12+4 (code: GB12+4) & 4+1 (GB4+1), Karl Schumacher instruments 5+2 (KS5+2)

OSSTELL SmartPeg Mounts

  • The SmartPeg is used together with the Osstell devices, which measure the resonance frequency of a SmartPeg, when it is attached to an implant or an abutment. It is easy to mount and requires minimal space thanks to its small size. To avoid damage to the implant, the SmartPeg material is quite soft, which limits the lifetime of the threads.

    • Single patient use
    • 5 SmartPegs per box
    • Delivered sterile
    • Custom made to fit each implant system perfectly
    • Produced in over 70 different types
    • Quality controlled


With over 25 years of clinical and scientific validation of Osstell ISQ, backed by 1000+ scientific studies, the original SmartPegs are the actual measuring device.

Neodymium Alloy

State-of-the-art build quality and pure materials allow for reliable readings.

Aluminum Body

The soft metal ensures that the SmartPeg can be fixed to the implant without risk of damaging the titanium threads.

Tailored to fit

Each SmartPeg is calibrated and customized to fit each implant system and type. This ensures that the Osstell ISQ readings are accurate and comparable to the scientific and clinical literature and guidelines.

SmartPegs are single patient use, as reusing them can result in inaccurate readings or damage to the implant.

Using the wrong SmartPeg for the implant can, and often does, lead to a false reading.

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