BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

Periotomes (Karl Schumacher)

Periotomes are the original, patented instruments for severing the ligaments in the periodontal space. This instrument features a very thin and flexible blade that is sharpened along the entire edge.

The Periotomes are the finest and least traumatic extraction instrument available. When applied properly, they can completely sever the periodontal ligament without the need for further instrumentation.

• Used at the beginning of any extraction
• Flexible to follow the curvature of the root
• Feature a sharpened edge along the entire radius
• Thin enough to apply along the fragile buccal wall
• Most conservative ligament incising instruments available
• Sever the periodontal ligament without expansion to the alveolus
• Available in three configurations; Anterior, Posterior and Perpendicular
• Inserted vertically into the PDL space, parallel to the long axis of the root
• Titanium nitride coated for durability and edge retention; they never need sharpening
• Reduce the need for traditional elevation and reduce rotational luxation with extraction forceps

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