BioXclude® membrane 12+4 (code: GB12+4) & 4+1 (GB4+1), Karl Schumacher instruments 5+2 (KS5+2)

BioXclude® membrane 12+4 (code: GB12+4) & 4+1 (GB4+1), Karl Schumacher instruments 5+2 (KS5+2)

Anterior Scalers

Anterior Sickle Scalers are available with different degrees of offset for personal preference and more universal adaptation.

Increased offset allows for more comfortable hand positioning while cleaning both the facial and lingual of the anteriors, with the added benefit of a more posterior reach and adaptation of the blade.

You will find that all Karl Schumacher hygiene instruments feature tips noticeably thinner than the industry standard. This is due to the high grade steel and quality craftsmanship put into each instrument, which allows for deeper interproximal and subgingival access resulting in a better and more thorough cleaning.

Sickle Scalers

Curette/Sickle Combination Scaler

Sickle/Hoe Combination Scalers

Patina Lingual Stain Scalers

Karl Schumacher’s Patina Lingual Stain Scalers feature a pull-action 2mm sharpened spoon paired with either a N5 Sickle or 48 Hoe tip. The circular edge of the Patina spoon adapts perfectly to the concave lingual anatomy of the anteriors for fast removal of tough stains. Facially, the N5 Sickle is a standard choice for easy and thorough cleaning; or choose the 48 Hoe tip for heavily calcified deposits that require a more aggressive instrument.

Jaquette Combination Scalers

Blade Scalers

Heavy Sickle Combination Scalers

Hoe Scalers

Chisel Scalers

HYGIENE KITOur Hygiene Kit #403 contains 6 commonly selected Scalers and Curettes, a mirror and explorer/probe for routine prophylaxis and exams, stored securely in a medium cassette.


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