BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

Bionik Implant Hygiene Instruments

Bionik Scaler and Curette tips are produced from the same titanium alloy used to manufacture implants and implant components. They are turned and formed from a solid piece of titanium, unlike other instruments made with a thin coating of titanium over a stainless steel core. Titanium is more effective at removal of deposits and can be machined to a much finer tip that will not leave surface debris unlike plastic or graphite instruments. The natural flexibility and compatibility of titanium is rigid enough to withstand scaling pressure, but will not damage the surface of the implant. The complete line of scaler and curette configurations are available exclusively on the lightweight, ergonomic and easy to identify color coded Bionik handles.

Universal Curettes

Gracey Curettes



 Bionik Hygiene Setup: BIONIKV8

Karl Schumacher’s Bionik V8 Implant Hygiene Set includes 6 commonly
preferred scalers and curettes, a mirror and probe. Perfect for routine prophylaxis and exams of patients that present with implants, the solid titanium tips are strong enough to remove supragingival calculus and safe for use around exposed titanium components. All the instruments feature the award-winning Bionik Handle and are conveniently stored in a medium washtray.

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