BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

Molar & Standard Extraction Forceps

Karl Schumacher's desire for providing only the highest quality instrumentation can be found in all of our entire line, including Standard & Molar Style Extraction Forceps. Starting with the best materials and hand-finished by the industry's best craftsman, these forceps will meet or exceed your expectations. 


Upper Molars

1267's vs. 88's

#1267 Upper Cowhorn Furcation Forceps is compact in design based off the traditional #88 style forceps. This allows for deeper penetration into the furcation while also reducing bone loss. In addition, the #1267's come with a serrated palatal beak for a more secure purchase.

Lower Molars

#23CR Cowhorn Forceps are artisanally designed based on true Cowhorns. The tips prevent fracture by being thin to enter tight furcations, are appropriately bowed to reach around the crown, and meet together for complete engagement.

#79AS Forceps combine Cowhorn and Standard Forceps tip designs. They enter the furcation to lift the tooth from below and provide coronal contact for security and stability during application.

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