BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

BioXclude 5+1 & 8+2 (codes: GB5+1, GB8+2) & Karl Schumacher Scissors 4+1 (KSc4+1)

PrecisGrip Forceps

PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps are the next generation in atraumatic extraction forceps. Combining all the best attributes of the Apical Retention Forceps and the deep, heavy serrations of the Kratzman Elevators, creates the ultimate extraction forceps. The parallel closing and serrated beaks feature a sharpened, tapered outer profile to increase subgingival access and contacts along the entire tooth structure. Once subgingival, the heavy cross serrations apply extra contact to prevent slipping during luxation. Exclusively available on the Xcision Hygeine Critical Handles, the PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps come in a variety of patterns. 


  • Anatomically correct
  • Prevent root fracture
  • Parallel gripping beak
  • Super heavy edge serrations
  • Available in nine forceps designs
  • Long axis serrations within the beaks
  • Sharpened beaks to improve subgingival access
  • Used on intact, partially intact or broken down teeth

The Full Set of 6 PrecisGrip™ Extraction Forceps includes:

Instrument Description
EXR2074 Lower Anterior PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2002 Upper Anterior PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2007 Upper Universal PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2021 Lower Universal PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2067 Universal Upper Molar PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2079 Lower Molar PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps

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