BioXclude® amnion-chorion membrane 5+1 (codes: GB5+1) See more promotions below

BioXclude® amnion-chorion membrane 5+1 (codes: GB5+1) See more promotions below

Diamond PrecisGrip Forceps

The Diamond Edition Forceps feature custom diamond-coated tips that provide a radically superior grip in all applications, including wet conditions.

Increased friction from the diamond particles ensures better engagement and reduces the potential for fracture, shortening operative time.

  • Large diamond particles bonded into the beak surface
  • A more secure purchase than serrations alone
  • Positive engagement with less grip-strength
  • Parallel gripping surface spreads forces along the tooth
  • Thin leading edges for the sub-gingival engagement
  • Patterns for the entire maxillary and mandibular arch
  • Spade patterns for fractured roots

The Full Set of 6 PrecisGrip™ Extraction Forceps, includes:

Instrument Description
EXR2074DI Diamond Tipped Lower Anterior PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2002DI Diamond Tipped Upper Anterior PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2007DI Diamong Tipped Upper Universal PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2021DI Diamond Tipped Lower Universal PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2067DI Diamond Tipped Universal Upper Molar PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2079DI Diamond Tipped Lower Molar PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps

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